Long-haul shipments. Low-haul pricing.

Get great intermodal rates from our partner alliance.

Point-to-point intermodal shipping

Enjoy on-time deliveries across multiple shipping modes. Together with our partners, we connect you with affordable, reliable shipping options for all major metro areas.


Save big with road-to-rail options

Shipping more than 500 miles? We’ll help you select an intermodal option that provides on-time delivery and keeps you within budget.

IFS Freight makes intermodal shipping simple. All you have to do is request a quote.

Value that’s tough to match

At IFS Freight, our intermodal and rail services help you:

  • Take advantage of our vast carrier network
  • Accommodate any shipping capacity
  • Enjoy efficient, on-time deliveries
  • Move high-volume freight at affordable rates
  • Improve the efficiency of your supply chain

Cleaner and more efficient

Smart intermodal logistics help you ship more efficiently and reduce your carbon footprint. We set you up with the most direct route, avoiding the costs and delays of “truck-only” shipping.

Let’s find the best intermodal option for your shipment.