We’re the logistics problem solvers.

At IFS Freight, we make shipping fast, easy, and affordable.

Intelligent business logistics for less

When we opened our doors in 2005, our goal was to connect businesses with the best shipping rates from the industry’s best carriers. Twelve years later, we’re still doing just that.

At IFS Freight, we’re more than just a Logistics Services Provider (LSP). We’re problem solvers. We go beyond helping you find the best rate by solving your real business problems – even when the carriers themselves can’t address your unique requirements.


The end result of our efforts? Greater efficiency and profitability for your business.

And a lot less time surfing carrier sites, comparing prices, and hoping your shipments will reach their destination on time.

Did we mention we ship freight?

We do. In fact, we became a carrier in response to a client who needed a more reliable shipping solution. It’s all part of our dedication to problem solving!

IFS Freight provides comprehensive, over-the-road shipping services, including multiple truck and trailer types for different transport needs. When you work with us, you get personalized service from LSP industry veterans who know what it takes to deliver unparalleled client satisfaction.

Not only can we get your complicated, wildly fluctuating freight bills under control – we’ll also connect you with a reliable shipping partner. That might be us. It might be someone else. What matters is that we exceed your expectations.

All of our trucks operate from the IFS Freight headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.